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02   Painting

Our painting process is an environmentally friendly process. It is a completely green process that is free of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) or solvent that harm the environment. When a bumper cover requires priming, it involves cleaning and a robotic flaming process. Next the cover will be sprayed robotically with an even coat of waterborne primer before its placed on a conveyor to be baked and cured.


01   Injection

The products are created by two parts: the injection molding machine and a mold. Injection molding is the process of transforming raw resin into final plastic parts (e.g. bumper covers), through the aid of injection mold machine which heat resins, then apply high pressure on the molten plastics to inject and fill the mold cavity.

An injection mold consists of two halves. One mold half contains the sprue bushing and runner system, the other half houses the ejector system. The molded part is located at the parting line. Our robotic picking system is not only providing safety but the product consistence during the
parts removing from the mold.


03    Assembly & Packaging

Experienced A&P operators are not only doing masking/assembly as an additional works for customers,
but keeping the product safe with premium packaging during shipment between our manufacturing facility and the distributors and prevent damage while the product sits on the shelf. A skin type of packaging is not only good appearance but easily handling without any interference.

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